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Cool Off With a Sweet Scoop From Frio Gelato

The hot summer days are almost upon us, which means a visit to FRIO Gelato is in order! Located on Lasalle Drive, FRIO Gelato boasts an expansive menu of Italy’s take on American ice cream. Some have described the gelato here as being the creamiest, and smoothest tasting gelato they have ever had. 

All of Frio’s treats are 100% gluten- and nut-free, with the most popular flavors being the limonazo, banana split, cafe con leche and the chocolate blanco. If you steer clear of dairy products, note that FRIO Gelato also offers many different flavors of sorbet, which also happen to be lower in calories. You can expect to see flavors such as apple cider, limon, mango, and even lime tequila which are both refreshing and light, perfect on warm day.

But be sure to grab your treats now as they are currently only open Thursdays through Sundays.