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Explore Indian Street Food at the Newly Opened Moti Cafe

You won’t find anything quite like the signature Moti cakes anywhere other than Chicago’s newly opened Moti Cafe. They’re mini pancakes topped with sweet or savory ingredients, like fresh strawberries and Nutella or bacon and cheddar. Start off your meal with an order of the Moti cakes or savor some for dessert.

You can also sip on a matcha-infused lemonade or a turmeric-ginger latte as you pore over your options for the main course. The menu showcases a variety of creative Indian street foods like the Moti pancakes, just sans the sweet ingredients. You can nosh on a few smaller bites, like the pani puri (pastries stuffed with masala potatoes and onions) or the maggi noodles with curry-flavored ramen, or build your own meal. Start with a wrap, fries, a rice bowl, or naan flatbread, then add your choice of chicken, paneer, or smashed samosas. Cap it off with extras like crispy onions, mozzarella, and tikka sauce.