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Stock Your Closet With Vintage Finds From Kokorokoko

If you have a ‘90s-themed party coming up, you’ll want to stop at Kokorokoko beforehand—or even just if you’re into vintage fashion. The boutique specializes in upcycled pieces from the ‘80s and ‘90s, a quirky twist that makes it fit in perfectly in the proudly offbeat neighborhood of Wicker Park.

Grab a cup of java at nearby Wormhole Coffee or a drink at Emporium and then head to Kokorokoko to do a bit of shopping. Or you can check out its Etsy store to get a feel for the kinds of items it stocks, and actually ship your favorites straight to your door. You might find a punk-rock dress from the ‘80s with pink and green ruffles ringing the bottom or a Pink Floyd tee straight from an early concert. The inventory also contains more subtle pieces for everyday wear, like vintage denim tops and flowing maxi skirts.