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Run and Drink Your Heart Out at the Chicago Beer Mile on June 11th

There aren’t many races that allow you to prove your athletic ability and your ability to chug a beer. That’s what makes the Chicago Beer Mile so special. Part pub crawl, part fun run, it invites you to kick off happy hour outdoors (and in your running gear) on Saturday, June 11th at the track at 721 South Washtenaw Avenue.

Here’s how it works. First, chug a can or a bottle of beer. Then run a lap (a quarter-mile) around the track. Next, toss back another beer. Log another lap. Continue until you’ve consumed four brews and run four laps, totaling a single mile. If you complete the mile in the top three men or women, you’ll leave with a cash prize (but it’s only for runners who compete in the “elite” heat of the race). Not into booze? Skip it and run the Chocolate Milk Mile or the Non-Alcoholic Beer Mile instead. They both operate according to the same instructions, just with a different beverage. Registration starts at $35 and $45 for the Chocolate Mik and Non-Alcoholic Beer Miles, respectively, with a fee of $55 for the Chicago Beer Mile.