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Maxwell Street Market Reopens for the Season on June 6

Are you looking for antiques and all sorts of unique items to add to your apartment? At Maxwell Street Market, you can find clothes, baseball cards, food, and so much more, all for affordable prices. With multiple vendors to peruse, you can easily spend hours at this historic market.

This year, Maxwell Street Market will open for the season on June 6. It’s the perfect stop to browse on your next day off with friends or family or walk around by yourself for a relaxing and fun afternoon. And when you visit, try their homemade tacos, tamales, or quesadillas while you explore. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed and will want to come back more often than not. With over 100 years of business booming on Maxwell Street, the market is certain to be around for years to come. Visit their website before heading over from your apartment.