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Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day Over a Pint of Guinness at D4 Irish Pub & Café

Even if you aren’t dining in large groups anymore, eating at D4 Irish Pub & Café just feels like a party. Any meal that starts with a bee sting martini or a generous pour of your favorite draft combination, and ends with a mini red velvet cake might as well be a St. Paddy’s Day celebration any night of the week. 

D4 Irish Pub & Café offers plenty of authentic dishes from across the pond, plus local favorites like carnitas tacos, homestyle meatloaf, or smoky mac and cheese. The menu has lots to choose from, and lots to look forward to on each visit. And because D4 Irish Pub & Café was quick to respond to their patron’s needs during the pandemic, they also offer family to go meals (serves 4-6) with a starter, entrée, two sides, and dessert for $60. Those make a perfect option for the upcoming St. Patrick’s holiday, or any other time that you want to stock your refrigerator with anytime meals. Check out the menus online, or make reservations if you plan to dine in person.