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Tanta Chicago Serves Authentic Peruvian Fare Near The Sinclair

The history of Peru is reflected in the country’s cuisine, including influences from indigenous cultures like the Incas, later European colonists and settlers with origins in Spain, Germany, and Italy, and more recent influences from East Asian immigrants from China and Japan. All these elements are present in the menu designed by Tanta Chicago’s owner and executive chef, Gaston Acurio, who is excited to introduce Peruvian food to mass audiences in the United States. 

Tanta’s menu showcases an array of Peruvian specialities, from anticuchos (grilled skewers traditionally served from street carts) to causitas (light and airy whipped potatoes), chifa (Chinese-Peruvian delicacies), as well as classic chicken and corn empanadas. But regulars say the best way to enjoy a meal at Tanta is to choose the "Tanta Experiencia," a six course prix-fixe menu that rotates weekly. The cost is $60 per person, with a minimum of two diners. Takeout, delivery, and on-site dining on the rooftop terrace are all available seven days a week (reservations strongly recommended for on-site dining).