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Pritzker Military Museum & Library: A Must-Visit for Historians Near The Sinclair

Professional historians are experts in their chosen field, of course, but one of the most appealing aspects about this study of the past is that anyone can participate—with hundreds of academic and popular history books published each year and the endless breadth of the internet, there’s no shortage to the information you can take in without a degree or intensive library. With that in mind, though, the better your resources, the more potential information you’ll find. And, if military history is your area of interest, you’re in luck: the Pritzker Military Museum & Library features artifacts, exhibits, and more information than you could possibly take in over just one visit. 

For example, the museum is currently featuring an exhibit titled The Allied Race To Victory: The Air, Land, and Sea Campaigns that Ended WWII, diving into one of the most fascinating (and most studied by hobbyist historians) conflicts in American and international history. 

If you can’t make the time to visit the museum in person right away, be sure to explore their website for a taste of what they have to offer: from a virtual tour to articles and featured artifacts, it’s a treat for anyone with an interest in the Second World War or military history in general.