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Tap Into Your Creative Side With a Glassblowing Class at Ignite

If Lin Manuel Miranda thinks it’s cool, then it’s cool. He was recently at a Glassblowing Class at Ignite Studios in the West Loop, and if the video doesn’t inspire you to take one yourself, nothing will. Ignite offers a free glass blowing demonstration on most Sundays, so that’s a great place to start. Come watch the masters work with molten hot glass to shape and form it into one-of-a-kind art. From there, book your first session to make your own drinking glass, an ornament, or other decorative piece alongside the Ignite team. The instructors will even work with you to make your own creation, like a custom vase or bowl. 

Sessions start at just $65, and you get to take home a piece that you made with your own hands. Visit the website for all the different class options, or to buy a gift card for a class. Give the studio a call if you want to check to see if this Sunday is a demonstration day.