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Take Your Pet to These Dog Parks in Chicago

dog parks in chicago

City living can be hard for our little wild things, but it doesn’t have to be! With a plethora of dog parks near The Sinclair, your furry friend will always have a place to run around and embrace their wild side. Take your pet to these dog parks in Chicago on your next afternoon walk.

Grant Bark Park

Grant Bark Park has everything you need to have a fantastic dog park experience. Its amenities include fresh water and a bag dispenser so your pet stays hydrated, and you can clean up any messes. The park includes a tree-lined gravel area, lighting and is fully fenced. Grant Bark Park is a nine-minute drive from The Sinclair.

Larrabee Dog Park

Bring your pups to run around and enjoy engaging with a variety of other dogs and dog owners at Larrabee Dog Park. The park is well-loved for its positive atmosphere and also includes enclosed sections for dogs of different sizes. Larrabee Dog Park is complete with an open grass area as well. Larrabee Dog Park is an eight-minute drive from The Sinclair.

Park No. 536

This lovely little space is tucked away in the West Town community. It’s perfect for both you and your pup with benches, shade and fencing so you can rest assured your dog will stay safe while running around. Keep in mind that this park is predominantly dirt and woodchip-based so those looking for more greenery may consider an alternative option. Park No. 536 is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily and is a six-minute drive from The Sinclair.

Where does your pet like to play in the city? We hope these dog parks near The Sinclair help keep your pet happy and healthy all summer long! Contact us today for more information on life at The Sinclair or to schedule a tour.