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3 Ways to Unplug at The Sinclair

Between Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” and the recent National Day of Unplugging this month, it seems everyone is taking time to reflect on their own technology habits and possible addictions.

The National Day of Unplugging marked a day of staying completely unplugged for a 24-hour period in early March. But who says unplugging has to be a one-day event? Whether you’re a phone junkie or a moderate user, it’s important to slow down and reevaluate life in this era of modern tech from time to time. We invite you to take inspiration from the National Day of Unplugging this month by reviewing and improving your personal technology habits, and maybe even going off the grid for a few days. Here’s how you can unplug this month at The Sinclair.

Set Office Hours

Just like you might not check work email once you leave the office, it can be a freeing and beautiful boundary to set with your phone too. So, consider setting “office hours” for your screens. If you don’t have any pressing need to be hooked up to screens after work, then turn them off. You might be surprised at how much extra time you can find in your day. Use this newfound time to hang out with loved ones at The Sinclair pool, go for a walk in Old Town or cozy up with the latest New York Times Bestseller in your Sinclair apartment home.

Does it Spark Joy?

Take a page from Marie Kondo’s book, literally, and get digitally organized. Delete the junk food apps like your games, as well as any that don’t serve a purpose or help improve your life and happiness in some way. Additionally, you can set time limits and monitor your phone usage with the iPhone’s Screen Time feature.

Go Offline

If you want to really challenge your smartphone addiction, you should consider staging your own “day of unplugging.” Take a weekend to turn off computers, televisions and phones. In order to successfully stay offline, it might help to plan something fun, like a spa day at home or a self-guided museum tour of Chicago. Whatever your fun something is, use your time offline to truly immerse yourself in that activity. You definitely won’t regret it!

What activities do you like to do when you unplug? We hope these tips help you take time to pause and reflect on your technology habits this month. Happy unplugging!

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