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4 Ways to Live Sustainably at The Sinclair

live sustainably

Looking to live a life that’s better for you, your fellow humans and the earth? A common misconception about city living is that it’s nearly impossible to live a sustainable, green lifestyle if you’re a city dweller. At The Sinclair, we encourage our residents to be kind to the earth and live sustainably. Here are four ways to live a more sustainable life in the city.



Contrary to popular belief, big city living and composting can go together. You can sign up for a service like WasteNot Compost to receive a composting bucket that can be picked up either weekly or biweekly. So you can be sure your food scraps and waste are getting disposed of as sustainably as possible. All you have to do is set your bucket out on collection day.


Shop Conscientiously

A key tip to become more sustainable is to change up your shopping habits. This can mean a few things including quitting fast fashion buys, shopping less but buying higher quality clothing that you’ll get a lot of wear out of and recycling or reselling the stuff you have but don’t have a use for anymore.



Walking, biking and riding on public transport are all great ways to cut down on pollution. If you must drive somewhere, consider carpooling or using a ridesharing service like Uber Pool.



Cut down on the amount of stuff you own. This applies to clothes, paper, clutter and cleaning supplies. Instead of buying several cleaning supplies to clean your apartment home, create a mix of vinegar and water or use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or natural soaps. These are better for the environment than many cleaning supplies on the market.


What lifestyle modifications will you make in order to live more sustainably? We hope you find these tips helpful as you go green at The Sinclair.

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