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Decorate Your Apartment With These Spring Flowers

spring flowers

Warm weather, blooming spring flowers and the strong desire to be outside. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Spring is upon us in the Gold Coast and we couldn’t be happier to welcome it. This month, we challenge you to decorate your apartment home at The Sinclair with spring flowers. Here are some ideas to get you inspired on how you can decorate with flowers.


Nothing says spring quite like the daffodil. Its unique shape and intense yellow color make it the perfect addition to your living room at The Sinclair. Place a vase of these spring flowers on your living room table for an extra burst of spring joy.


Primrose are a common outdoor spring flower, but feel free to mix it up by putting an arrangement of these brightly colored flowers inside your apartment home at The Sinclair. Get creative with your arrangement by putting it in an out-of-the-box vase or bowl.


Tulips bring about the feeling of classic, simple elegance. These will look great in just about any room and are the perfect pop of color and texture thanks to their bulb-like shape. Choose a monochromatic arrangement or go with a multi-colored one depending on your interior design theme.


A vase of anemones looks especially striking once the flowers begin to open up. The white varieties open up to reveal a gorgeous purple center. These flowers will add a touch of beauty to a minimalistic design scheme. Add them to your bedroom for an elegant twist.

How will you decorate your apartment for spring? We hope you get inspired to go out and purchase some spring flowers to brighten up your space this month. Happy spring! Contact us today for more information on life at The Sinclair or to schedule a tour.