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Work From Home at The Sinclair

work from home

Working from home at The Sinclair is a breeze. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelance graphic designer or just taking a day to work out of the office, here’s how you can work from home at The Sinclair.


Start your work from home day off right by cooking up a healthy and delicious breakfast in your designer kitchen. Eat your meal while enjoying a gorgeous view of the Gold Coast on your private balcony. Then, head downstairs to grab a java drink at the coffee bar before getting started on your current tasks.


Hunker down in The Sinclair’s business center. Take a meeting in the conference room or connect to the WiFi and get the day’s assignments done. Our conference room is also complete with a Mondopad. This interactive smartboard allows you to video conference with people all over the globe, screen share with others and can be used as a whiteboard. You can also view and edit documents from Microsoft Office on the Mondopad. It has everything you need to make The Sinclair your home office.


End your work from home day with a workout in the fitness club. Destress with some stretching exercises in the yoga studio or by pumping some iron with the free weights.


How will you work from home at The Sinclair? Let us know!

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