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Host Holiday Dinner at The Sinclair


At The Sinclair, we make it easy for you to host events for loved ones, friends and family members. This holiday season, consider hosting a dinner party at The Sinclair. Here’s how you can make your holiday dinner extra special.


To prepare your meal, use our demonstration kitchen. This spacious area will make cooking and baking a breeze.


A rule of thumb is to cook something that you’ve had experience making before so that you can ensure that you won’t burn dinner and your guests will enjoy the meal. But, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and want to try something new, consider using one of these recipes from the experts at Country Living.


Decorate your home beforehand. Choose a theme and stick to it. Be sure not to go overboard with decor as it can look tacky after a certain point. Less is more when it comes to party decorations. Make sure that you have ample seating for your guests. If you need to get creative with seating, consider using cushions and bean bags. This serves as a boho chic seating alternative that is both comfortable and stylish.


Before starting the party, create a playlist, using Spotify or Apple Music, of you and your guests favorite holiday tunes. This will help everyone get in the festive mood.


Ready to throw a holiday dinner at The Sinclair? Contact us today for more information on life at The Sinclair or to schedule a tour.